Apartments/Schools Substation (Model: XBW-A)

Functions and Features
● Online coding method is adopted on XBW- substation. Substation number can be set optionally. Crispy voice. Loud alarm alert function.
● Can call master station and talk.
● Can connect with alarm button and relieve alarm button.
● Master station and substation can be connected only with a five-core cable.

Installation and Operation
1. Hardwares
1) Speaker
2) Alarm/alarm relieve key
3) Microphone

2. Technical Parameters
Working voltage: DC10-22V
Dimensions of substation: 130x110x40mm (LxWxH)
Max working current: 120mA
Output power of substation speaker: 800mW
分机接线: 不小于0.5mm2

3. Installation and Operation
1) Online coding of substation (e.g. Code specific substation as No. 5 substation)
After connecting one or more substations to the master station, press the power switch on the master station for about two second to enter start-up self test status. Press the Function key on the master station for about two second to enter clock setup menu. And press the function key for several times to directly enter “Online code setup menu”. Then press the Broadcast key or Monitor key to enter the online coding setup. “In setting” will be displayed on the LCD. Press and hold the Call key on the substation until the LED lightens, then release the Call key. Select No. 5 switch on the master station. The calling LED on the substation will flash once in red to indicate that the coding is finished. (Note: If you have not selected corresponding switch on time within 10 seconds after you release the switch, the calling LED on the substation will also flash once in red to indicate that the coding is canceled. If you will recode the substation, please repeat above procedures). Code all substations in turn with above method.
2) Connecting substations
Connect the connectors 1, 2, 3 ,4 and 5 on the substation to corresponding connectors 1, 2, 3 ,4 and 5 on the master station with a five-core cable.
3) Debugging
Turn on the master station after connecting. If the alarm indicator light on the extension flashes every few seconds, the substation is in normal working status. Or the substation is not in normal working status if otherwise.
4) Recording method
The audio signal will output from the REC+ and REC- on the connector plate of the substation. The substation can record at any time. The substation can be used as monitor head.
5) Alarm and intercom
Press the CALL key on the panel of the substation. The music from the host will prompt. The intercom can be achieved after the master station has chosen the route. There is a jack of hand alarm on the rear of the substation. The door lamp will flash when the substation or hand alarm report to the master station.
6) Relieve alarm
If the substation or hand alarm has reported to the host, press the Relieve key on the panel of the substation to relieve the alarm.
7) Loud alarm alert
The master station has loud alarm alert function. Any substation can send alarm to master station if it is in loud status for a long period and exceed certain decibels. Voice prompt “XX substation is calling” will sound from the master staion.
1) Monitor can not be found by substations.
2) When powered on, if the master station can not select any substation, check each grounding wire (No. 5 wire) of each substation connected on the cable. If any grounding wire has nor been connected correctly, above malfunction will happen.
3) 所有分机出厂时,都免费配送线夹。附:线夹使用说明书

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