Visit Monitor Substation£¨Model£ºWBT-B£©

Functions and Features:
l Each monitoring substation can be connected with a pair of WBT-A substations in parallel.
l Can monitor the talk of corresponding substation with vivid and clear voice. The volume can be adjusted.
l Can break in the substation
l Can cut off the talk of corresponding substation
l Can display conversation time of the substation through LED. The time will be counted automatically when the substation is picked up.
l Specially used in prison to monitor and control the visit conversation.

Installation and Operation
1) Speaker of substation
2) Power LED
3) Time display screen of substation
4) Microphone
5) Volume adjustment button
6) Power switch
7) Interjection key
8) Cut off key
9) LED of cut off key
10) External wire jack
11) Earphone jack
12) Microphone jack
13) Power jack
2. Installation and Operation
Installation method:
1) Install the unit in the working room and then insert one end of the connector plug (included) to the jack (10) of the substation. (Note: Insert another end of the connector plug to the conversation substation to be monitored. No need to distinguish polarity.)
2) Plug the DC6V transformer into 220V power source, and then connect it to the power jack (13) of the monitoring substation. The power LED (2) will lighten at this time. The power is in normal working status.
3) Insert the pins of HS head set (included) into the jacks (11 and 12) of the monitoring substation.
4) Turn the volume adjustment button (5) to adjust the volume.
Monitoring, interjection and cutting off function:
1) Monitor: When some substation is in off-hook status and the power LED (2) of the monitoring substation is still lightening, the time display (3) of the monitoring substation will display the conversation time of this substation. The substation is in monitoring status; Insert the pins of HS head set (included) into the jacks (11 and 12) of the monitoring substation to monitor the conversation with HS head set. Whereas, if you wan to relieve monitoring, press the power switch (6).
2) Interjection: Press the Interjection key (6) to carry through interjection function. The manager can talk to the substation. Eject the Interjection key (7) after completing interjection.
3) Cut off: Press the Cut off key (8) to cut off the bad conversation. The LED of cut off key (9) will keep lightening; the conversation has been cut off. Whereas, if you wan to relieve cut off function, press the Cut off key (8) again. The LED of cut off key (9) will go out.
3. Technical Parameters
Working voltage: DC6V
Max working current: 100mA
Dimensions: 140x138x55mm (LxwxH)
Communication distance: 80m(0.2mm2); 200m(0.5mm2); 300m(0.75mm2); 400m(1.0mm2)

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