Visit Intercom Substation (Model: WBT-A)

Functions and Features:
1. Each pair of substations will be used with only one master station. Intercoms can be realized after picking up the substation. Crispy voice. The substation and master station are connected with N+1 wire non-polarized cable.
2. The conversation time is set as 20 minutes at factory. The master station will cut off the power of the substation after 20 minutes¡¯ talk. And the power will restore after the substation is hang off for one minute. The time will be counted down from at the moment when the substation is picked up. The communicating time will be displayed on the LCD. ¡°Bi, Bi¡± voice prompts will sound every 20 seconds when there is only one minute left.

Technical Parameters
l Working voltage: DC18V
l Max working current: 60mA
l Output power of substation: 125mW
l Communication distance: 80m(0.2mm2); 200m(0.5mm2); 300m(0.75mm2); 400m(1.0mm2)
l Dimensions of substation: 190x65x55mm (LxWxH)

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