IC Card Issuer Station ModelSD-2005C-W

Functions and Features:
l Can only be used with statistic software.
l The unit can compile a new members basic information on the IC card, such as name, job number, card number and business type etc.
l When the IC card is lost or damaged, the unit can recompile corresponding information on a new IC card.
l Can connect with 232-serial interface on the computer.

Installation and Operation
1. Hardwares
1) IC card interface
2) LCD
3) Power switch (POWER)
4) Power LED
5) Power jack (POWER)
6) 485 interface
7) 485 adapter (included)
8) 232 interface on the computer
9) Statistic software (Ա)
2. Technical Parameters
Working voltage: DC6V
Max working current: 20mA
Dimension: 160x106x46mm (LxWxH)
3. Accessories
One IC card issuer station, one eight-core cable with RJ45 crystal embossing, one DC6V transformer
4. Operation Method
1) Connect one end of the eight-core cable with RJ45 crystal embossing to 485-interface (6) of the unit and another end to RS-485 terminal of the 485 adapter; and then connect RS-232 terminal of the 485 adapter to the 232 serial interface of the computer.
2) Connect the DC6V transformer to the 220V power source and insert the pin of DC6V transformer to the power jack (5) of the unit. Press the power switch (3). If the power LED lightens, the power is in normal working status.
3) Insert new IC card needed to be changed due to loss or damage into the IC interface (1) of the unit. The LCD (2) of the unit will display the original data of the IC card automatically. Click relevant program on the statistic software to modify basic information of the corresponding missionary such as name, job number, card number and business type etc. (Note: For more information about modifying the information, please refer the owners manual of SD-2005C-R statistic software.)

This product is supplied by Shenzhen LonBon Technology Co., Ltd. For more information, please visit: www.lonbon.com/doce/L1-8.htm