The customer evaluation intercom£¨model: SD-2005£©

1. Schematic Diagram of Master Station
1) One meter line indicating key
2) Evaluation indicating key
3) Welcome key
4) Power LED
5) Power switch (POW)
6) Internal MIC switch (MIC1)
7) External MIC switch (MIC2)
8) Volume control button (VOL)
9) Power jack (POW)
10) External MIC jack of master station (MIC)
11) Record, monitor and interjection jack (REC)
12) Connection jack of substation (OUT)
13) 485 interface
14) LCD
15) IC card interface
16) IC card
17) Customer evaluation key (satisfactory, ordinary and not satisfactory)
18) Substation LED
19) Statistical software (optional)
20) LB master station (optional)

2. Accessories
One master station, one substation, one IC card, one boom, one collar-pinned microphone, one recording cable, one DC6V transformer, three pieces foam tape, four substation cable holders and four substation cable clamps.
3. Installation and Opearion
1) Install the master station in the working room and the substations out of the working room (commonly affixed on glass beside the transfer plate; best installation depression is 45 º). Insert the substation into the jack (12).
2) Insert the DC6V transformer into 220V power source and insert DC6V pin into the power jack (10) of the master station.
3) Insert the microphone into the MIC jack (10) of the master station.
4) Press the power switch (5). If the power LED (4) will lighten, the power is in normal working status.
5) Press the internal microphone switch (6) and external microphone switch (7). The two LEDs on the switches will lighten in green. The system is in normal working status.
Intercom, monitor and interjection function:
Monitor and interjection function can be realized with LB series master stations (optional). The signal will output from the REC jack (11). The LB series master stations can monitor and talk with master stations with crispy voice quality. The talk-in conversation can not be heard by window substations (used by the bank president to monitor and talk with each window).
Evaluation and stat. function:
1) Insert the IC card (16) into the IC card jack (15) (Note: The CMOS chip of the IC card shall be outward and downward). The system will read the card automatically and display relevant information of corresponding missionary and customer¡¯s historic evaluation to this missionary.
2) The voice prompt ¡°Please wait off the one meter line¡± from the system will sound when the One meter line indicating key is pressed; ¡°Please give your evaluation to my work¡± will sound when the Evaluation indicating key is pressed; ¡°Welcome¡± will sound when the Welcome key is pressed.
3) When the missionary want the customer to give evaluation to his/her work, press the Evaluation indicating key. ¡°Please give your evaluation to my work¡± will sound. The customer can give his/her evaluation to the missionary by pressing the Customer evaluation key. There are three choices: Satisfactory, Ordinary and Not satisfactory. The evaluation can be modified before the substation LED goes out. The last evaluation will be final.
4) Connect all 485 interfaces on the master stations to account and manage customer¡¯s evaluation. And then connect these master stations to 232 interface of the computer. The computer can monitor, account and inquire relevant information of all missionary after the statistic software (not included) has been installed on the computer.
Time adjustment:
Press and hold the Welcome key (3) before turning on the unit until the power switch (5) is turned on. You can enter time adjustment mode. Press the Welcome key (3) to shift adjustment object (year, month, day, week, hour and minute). When you shift to some object, the corresponding object will glitter continuously. Press the One meter line indicating key (1) to enter or press the Evaluation indicating key (2) to exit the adjustment. After completing all adjustments, press and hold the Welcome key (3) until there is no any display on the LCD. Then release the key to enter normal working mode.
4. Technical Parameters
Working voltage: DC6V
Max working current: 300mA
Output power: 1W+1W 100Hz-15KHz
MIC; -41db¡À0.5db 20 Hz-16 KHz
Dimensions of master station: 160x106x46mm (LxWxH)
Dimensions of substation: 150x100x30mm (LxWxH)

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