Bank Window Intercoms (Model: SD-2000C)

Functions and Features:
Automatic 2-way hand-free communication.
Ultra-thin external substation with small volume and appearance; the external microphone has been installed in the substation, easy installation (only one cable will be used).
Build-in microphone in the master station. Two-way intercom can be realized without additional microphone.
Individual volume controls for both master station and window substation. Crispy voice quality.
Micro computer control circuit with squelch function; can thoroughly solve echo and squeal problems.
Can work with LB series master stations to talk with master stations. Used by supervisor to provide assistance to window service representatives.   Supervisor talk-in conversation can not be heard by window substations.
The monitor master station can talk to the window master station and the talk-in conversation can not be heard by window substations.
Built-in Recording signal output can provide master station and substation audio output for recording.
Used in any places where conversations need to be assisted.

Installation and Operation
1. Schematic Diagram of Master Station
1) Volume control button of substation
2) Volume control button of master station
3) Power LED
4) Power switch (POWER)
5) Internal MIC switch (MIC1)
6) External MIC switch (MIC2)
7) Connection jack of substation (OUT)
8) Internal MIC jack (MIC.)
9) Record jack (REC.)
10) Power jack (POWER)
11) LB master station (optional)

2. Accessories
One master station, one substation, one boom, one collar-pinned microphone, one DC6V transformer, three pieces foam tape, four cable holders and four cable clamps.

3. Installation and Operation
Installation method:
1) Install the master station in the working room and the substations out of the working room (commonly affixed at the place above 30cm of the transfer plate). Insert the substation into the jack (7).
2) Insert the DC6V transformer into 220V power source and insert DC6V pin into the power jack (10).
3) Insert the microphone (included) into the MIC jack (8).
4) Press the power switch (4). If the power LED (3) will lighten, the unit is in normal working status.
5) Press the internal microphone switch (5) and external microphone switch (6). The two LEDs on the switches will lighten in green. Two-way intercoms can be realized.
6) The voice of missionary in the office will sound form the external substation; and the voice of customer in front of the window will sound form the internal master station. Duplex intercoms are in normal working status.
Intercom function:
1) Use build-in microphone in the master station to realize duplex intercoms directly after removing the microphone from internal MIC jack (8).
2) Sound signal can be input from the record jack (9) when record or monitor is needed (cooperate with bank clerk).
3) Press the internal microphone switch (5) and external microphone switch (6). The two LEDs on the switches will go out. You can turn off the volume of internal or external microphone. It is single-sided intercom at this time.
Monitor and interjection function:
Monitor and interjection function can be realized with LB series master stations (optional). The signal will output from the Record jack (REC). The LB series master stations can monitor and talk with master stations with crispy voice quality. The talk-in conversation can not be heard by window substations (used by the bank president to monitor and talk with each window).
4. Technical Parameters
Working voltage: DC6V
Max working current: 300mA
Output power: 1W+1W 100Hz-15KHz
MIC: -41db0.5db 20 Hz-16KHz
Dimension of master station: 130x110x40mm (LxWxH)
Dimension of substation: 80x75x22mm (LxWxH)


Note: when the environment is very noisy (e.g. at the toll station or train station), it's advised to adopted the large substation that is in a same price level;Output power: 1W.


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