30-Call Patient List (Model: NBW-30P)

Functions and Features:
l Alloy panel is adopted through digital control with beautiful and generous appearance.
l Use with NBW-30 master station to display the calling of No. 1-30 substations through LED. And voice broadcasting and music prompts can be achieved.
l No. 1-30 medical record columns. The medical record can be inserted into corresponding column according to the bed condition of each patient.
l Chinese LCD can display time, date, sickbed number of calling party and system state etc.
l Easy installation. Only a nine-wire cable (included) will be used to connect with the master station.

Installation and Operation
1. Hardwares
1) LED
2) Medical record column
3) LCD
4) Speaker

2. Technical Parameters
Working voltage: DC36V
Max working current: 150mA
Output power: 5.4W
Dimension: 600x400x35mm (LxWxH)


3. Installation and Operation
The list can be used as soon as it is connected to the corresponding interface of patient list on the master station with a nine-wire cable.
(Note: The power source of the master station must be off before installation.)

This product is supplied by Shenzhen LonBon Technology Co., Ltd. For more information, please visit: www.lonbon.com/doce/L1-4.htm