Master Station for 4-call Intercoms (Model: LB-A/LB-M/LB-B/LB-K)

Άρ. Substation Hardwares:
£¨1£© Substation speaker
£¨2£© Substation MIC
£¨3£© Substation call key (CALL)

Άς. Technical Parameters:
Output power of ultrathin substation: 250mW
Output power of common/mute/anti-interference substation: 350mW
Common substation dimension: 150x120x65mm(LxWxH)
Ultrathin substation dimension: 90x70x24mm(LxWxH)
Mute/anti-interference substation dimension: 130x110x40mm(LxWxH)
Communication distance: 80m(0.2mm2); 200m(0.5mm2); 300m(0.75mm2); 400m(1.0mm2)
                 model:LB-A                                             model:LB-M/LB-K                                model:LB-B

Άσ. Installation and Operation:
1. After the connecting installation as the connecting method shown in the master station connection figure successfully, press the power switch of master station, the power indictor light will be on which means the normal state of the power.
2. When you want to send an alarm from substation to master station and enter the intercom, if there is an alarm from any substation to the master station (press Alarm key of substation), the corresponding substation indictor light in the master station will blink and keep in red, and there will be music alarm with the master station. The music will not stop till you press the corresponding switch of the substation in the master station, and the indicator light will turn to green. At the time, the intercom between master station and substation is available (press the intercom key in master station to enter the talk and release the key to listen to the talk in substation). If there are other alarms from substations to the master station, the corresponding indicator light of substation in master station will blink in red without music alarm, the indicator light of substation will turn to green when you press the corresponding switch of substation in master station.
3. The substations can be placed on the table or mounted on the wall.

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