Printer (Model£ºLB-81-92Y)

¡ñ Applying EPSON printer engine, it can automatically dispense ticket and print clearly the editable content.
¡ñ Printing way: direct thermal line printing.
¡ñ Receive queuing data through computer mainframe.
¡ñ Print 12X24 western letters, 50 lines each time with interim and repeated printing.
¡ñ The simultaneous print dot for each dot line should be less than 25%with less than 11 times of vertical repeated printing for the same dot in each letter line.
¡ñ Use the specified thermal paper.

Technical parameters:
¡ô¡¡Paper width£º57.5¡À0.5mm
¡ô¡¡Print width: 48mm
¡ô¡¡Print density: 8 dot/mm, 384 dot/line
¡ô¡¡Print speed: about 70mm/sec
¡ô¡¡Paper speed: about 70mm/sec
¡ô¡¡Reliability (MCBF): 10*106
¡ô¡¡Power supply: DC9¡«12V, 2A
¡ô¡¡Working environment:
¡ï¡¡Ambient temperature: 5-40¡æ Relative humid: 10¡«80%
¡ï¡¡When the working ambient temperature is 34¡æ, the relative humid should be ¡Ü58%
¡ô¡¡Weight: about 1.0 kg
¡ô¡¡Size: 115£¨W£©¡Á170£¨D£©¡Á120£¨H£©mm
¡ô¡¡Model of the printer: LB-81-92Y parallel port printer
Dimension: £¨mm£©

After-sale service:
This printer can be replaced within 1 month after purchase and be repaired free of charge with 1 year after purchase.  Any repair beyond the guaranteed repair period will be paid against the cost.

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