Main Control Box(Model£ºLB-81-41Y)

I.Main Control Box Diagram:


¡ñ It only can be matched with computer Ticket software.
¡ñ With an input port, five output ports and RJ45 socket, it can connect with the window display and the main display.
¡ñ With speaker output port, it can connect with active or inactive sound box and ceiling speaker.
¡ñ With volume button, it can adjust the volume at any time as required.
¡ñ With power switch button, it can turn on/off manually the power of the Main Control Box.
¡ñ Attached with switch power supply, model: LB-81-62  DC24V 6.3A
¡ñ Working voltage: AC220V; DC24V.
¡ñ Size£º253x74x233mm(LxWxH)

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