The main dot matrix display (scrolling 6-line displays, model: LB-81-36H)

I.The main dot matrix display diagram:
1) Bracket
2) Connecting ports
3) Ф4.8 LED



II. Functions:

● Each line, composed by ten 16X16 dot matrix (5mm), can simultaneously display ten Chinese characters. It can display dynamic numerals and Chinese characters, and is usually installed in waiting area
● The beautiful case is shaped by aluminum alloy mould and is finished with TiO2.
● The installation is easy and only requires a main  cable in connecting the attached RJ 45 socket with
the voice distribution (LB-81-41Y).
● The current patient number is displayed until the next pateint number is called, and in such case the main matrix display will show the called number and the assigned room number (will flash for the first 10 seconds). Up to 5 patient numbers, along with room
numbers, can be displayed.
● 当开机或三分钟内无叫号就诊时,自动显示礼貌用语和引导.
Working voltage: DC15-24V.
● Size:1048x840x35mm(LxWxH).

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