The main dot matrix display (the trinary rolling Chinese character display, model: LB-81-33H)

I.The main dot matrix display diagram:
1) Bracket
2) Connecting ports
3) Ф4.8 LED



II. Functions:
● Each line, composed by ten 16X16 dot matrix (5mm), can simultaneously display ten Chinese characters. It can display dynamic numerals and Chinese characters, and is usually installed at waiting area.
● Aluminum alloy mould forming and surface titanium oxidation treatment make it nice and simple in appearance.
● Convenient in installation with RJ45 socket connected only by a bus and a Audio Distributor Box.
● 平时显示正在取药的病人号码,当一个新的病人号码被呼叫时,点阵主显示屏滚动显示该号码和应去的窗口号,并闪烁10秒钟。可同时显示三位病人号码和应去的三个窗口号码。
● 当开机或三分钟内无叫号取药时,点阵主显示屏可自动显示礼貌用语和引导。
Working voltage:DC15-24V.
● Size:1048x420x35mm(LxWxH).

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