Dot Matrix Window Display(Model:LB-81-31H)

I.LCD diagram:
1) Bracket
2) Connecting ports
3) Coding switch



II. Functions:
● Dot matrix display(LB-81-31H)composes 4-bit 16*16 dots (Φ5mm) and can show several Chinese characters by rolling.
● The beautiful case is shaped by aluminum alloy mould and is finished with TiO2.
● The installation is easy and only requires a main cable in connecting the attached RJ 45 socket with the voice distribution (LB-81-41Y).
● The window No. will be automatically displayed as power on so as to check whether the series No. is correct. It can identify hospital greeting words automatically.
● It can display the defaulted greeting words on daily base (e.g. Futian Hospital hopes you get well soon!) 当一个新的病人号码被呼叫时,该点阵窗口显示屏先闪烁显示新的病人号码10秒钟,再静止显示该病人号码20秒钟,之后再滚动显示礼貌用语,直至有新的叫号。
● 当该窗口暂停取药时,该窗口显示屏显示“暂停就诊”。
● The working voltage of consulting room LCD: DC15-24V
● Size: 478x140x35mm(LxWxH).

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