Consulting room display (dot matrix consulting room display, model: LB-81-31H)

I.LCD diagram:
1) Bracket
2) Connecting ports
3) Coding switch

II. Functions:
Dot matrix display(LB-81-31H)composes 4-bit 16*16 dots (5mm) and can show several Chinese characters by rolling.
The beautiful case is shaped by aluminum alloy mould and is finished with TiO2.
The installation is easy and only requires a main cable in connecting the attached RJ 45 socket with the voice distribution (LB-81-41Y).
It can display the consulting room number automatically when it is powered on for your check. It can identify hospital greeting words automatically.
It can display the defaulted greeting words on daily base (e.g. Futian Hospital hopes you get well soon!) When a Number is called, the dot matrix LCD will  flash the number for 10 sec and then show the number for 20 sec. Then it will show the greeting words by rolling until a number is called.
When the consulting room is out of service, the dot matrix LCD will display Service Pause.
The working voltage of consulting room LCD: DC15-24V.
Size: 478x140x35mm (LxWxH)

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