Touch Screen Wireless Ticketer Master Station (Model: LB-81-16)

Ⅰ. Ticketer Master Station Diagram:
1) 17’’LCD
2) VIP card induction area
3) Ticket dispenser






II. Functions:
● Functions introduction fro the products such as the ticket master station of the wireless queuing machine with touch screen, ticket-caller and window display,etc:
● The software controls directly the calling system, display system, language system and ticket printing.
● It can self-set the name of business handling team and number of ticket released each day.
● It can set for each window to handle one or several business as required.
●  The business information for each queue-based window can be added, modified and deleted at any time.
● It can set preferred handling service for VIP or large-amount customer.
● The icon in the software interface can be changed as required at any time. For example: team icon, animation icon, etc.
●  The button interface of the ticket dispenser can be set and modified if required;
● The direct thermal line print can print the editable content clearly.
● Two ways of ticket: touch, VIP card induction. Mag-card induction for ticket also can be set as customer required.
● The voice type can be set at the master station; 7 voice options are available;
●  The voice module contains Mandarin, English and Cantonese options.
● Two calling ways: LB-81-21 ticket-caller and LB-81-22 virtual ticket-caller ; it can call in the order of team or the taken No. subsequence.
● Both LB-81-21 caller and LB-81-22 virtual caller are available for calling in queue-based or number-based sequence;
● Its Linux operating system can work stable and under no copy right problems;
● The touch screen ticketer master station (LB-81-16) can manage as many as 16 queues and 80 working windows;
● Ticket master station (LB-81-16) can serve simultaneously 16 teams and 80 working windows at most.
● The system automatically save each statistical data with the statistical report directly printable.
● Enormous statistic information can be stored for related divisions to check, analyze and study;
● It can automatically save the data after the power is cut and continue to work when the power is available without losing any data.
● The system will be in RZ mode after it is turned off.
● Ticketer Master Station Size:600x500x1380mm(LxWxH)
● 供电电压: AC220±10% 、DC24V6A
● 纹波系数: 5%
● 工作功耗: 350W (VA)
● 音频输出功率: 20W THD 10%
● 喇叭阻抗: 8Ω
● 音量调节范围: 80dB
● 音频频率响应: 100Hz - 10KHz
● 控制信号方式: 485总线
● 控制信号电平: 1V - 5V
● 控制信号波特率: 9600bps
● 环境温度: 0℃---60℃
● 工作温度: +5℃---+35℃
● 打印速度: 80MM/秒
● 打印机类型: 热敏打印机
● Weight: 41kg
● Life of printing head: >100Km; Life of trimmer:500,000 times
● Ticket size: 59x57mm(LxW)
● Working parameters: Radio Frequency : 433MHz; Speed: 19.2KHz; Working style: Semiduplex FSK; Transmission distance: ≤50 m.

Size of the master station: (mm)

After-sale service:
This ticketer can be replaced within 1 year after purchase and be repaired free of charge with 3 year after purchase. (Note: the easy-worn printing head can be replaced within 1 month and be repaired freely within 1 year.) Any repair beyond the guaranteed repair period will be paid against the cost.

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