Computer software (model:LB-81-11Y)

System configuration:
Software (covering communication, statistics and dongle ), thermal printer (including trimmer), caller, DB distribution, consulting room window display, main display, other accessories (including small distribution, passive loudspeaker, ceiling loudspeaker, switching power supply and paper-roll)

● Include: the main control software, communication software, statistic software, softdog, 10 paper rolls.The calling system, display system, voice system and ticket printing are directly controlled by the computer.
● It synchronously display the current business state for the system.
● It can input doctor’s information at any time as required.
● It also can revise or delete the information of doctor at any time who are receiving patient.
● It can select the doctor according to patient's request.
● It can make preferred arrangement for the special patients.
● It can arrange patient reasonably according to current conditions.
● It can revise the ticket as required and re-select the doctor while keep the original ticket No., maintaining the fairness of queuing.
● It can automatically save all of material in power failure, so as not influence the work in power resumption.
● With direct thermal line printing, it can print the editable content clearly.
● The system will automatically reset at first powering on each day to re-queue.
● Meanwhile, great deal of statistic reports are added for reference, statistic, analysis and study of the relevant department….
● The software is applicable to each consulting room.
● The installation is easy and only requires a 4-core cable in connecting the voice calling system and display system.
The optimized hospital queue:
◆ Waiting after taking ticket: the patient is free from the worry about queue jumping and missing;
◆ Voice prompt: the patient is relaxed in waiting;
◆ Synchronized screen display: further ensure of the relaxing waiting;
◆ Optimizing the nursing work: minimizing the work of nurses and facilitate them in assisting the patients;
◆ Harmonized atmosphere: the reasonably improved order can give people feelings of peace and relaxation;
◆ Calming the doctor: the in-order queue helps to eliminate the annoyed crowds and noises;
◆ Patient can choose their favorite doctor: eliminate the unwillingness in choosing doctors ;
◆ Intelligent patient classification: classify the patients against hospital divisions and doctors;
◆ Supporting Priority Service for special persons such as disabled patients, the old patients, etc
◆ Facilitating the change in doctor choosing: to meet the patients’ reasonable requirements in changing their doctor choosing;
◆ Protecting patient’s privacy through auto calling, waiting in queue;
◆ Facilitating the modification of hospital service items and properties;
◆ Balancing the work load among same divisions: e.g. auto transferring some patients from the heavily loaded No. 1 doctor room to other rooms of the same division.
◆ Powerful and complete statistic function: providing helpful data for the hospital manager in understanding the business volume, doctors’ workload and service distribution so as to further improve the efficiency and service quality.

供电电压: AC220±10%
纹波系数: 5%
音频输出功率: 20W THD 10%
喇叭阻抗: 8Ω
音量调节范围: 80dB
音频频率响应: 100Hz - 10KHz
控制信号方式: 485总线
控制信号电平: 1V - 5V
控制信号波特率: 9600bps
环境温度: 0℃---60℃
工作温度: +5℃---+35℃
打印速度: 80MM/秒
打印机类型: 热敏打印机

Hardware profile:
Operating system: windows2000, windowsXP;
CPU: Pentium 4; 2.0~2.4GB
Memory: 256MB
Note: no further requirements for other configuration

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