Master Station for Hospital ICU Visit System (Model: ICU-515)

Functions and Features:
● The master station of hospital ICU visit system has Chinese LCD, can display states, time and date, etc. as well as the SPC exchange function.
● The master station of ICU-515 visit system can be connected with 5-call visit substation and 15-call ward bed substation.
● The master station can display the call from visit substation on LED and receive and shift to the substation of ward bed.
● When the patient dependents have talks with the patient, the master station can monitor or interject the talk on real on the substation.
● The master station is delivered together with power supply with Model ICU-515-05 and output wattage AC100V50mA/AC8V250mA/AC18V2000mA

Installation and Operation:
1. Master station speaker
2. Handle MIC
3. LCD
4. Power switch
5. ▼ key
6. ▲ key
7. Function key
8. Handfree talk key (TALK)
9.Selected indicator light of visit substation  (1-5 call)
10. Selected switch of visit substation (1-5 call)
11. Indicator light of interjection selected substation(1-5 call)
12. Switch of interjection selected substation(1-5 call)
13. Indicator light of ward bed substation(1-15 call)
14. Switch of ward bed substation(1-15 call)

Ⅱ. Technical Parameters:
Working voltage: AC100V/AC8V/AC18V 
Max working current: 1000mA
Output power of master station: 400mW
Master station dimension: 305x210x75mm(LxWxH)
Communication distance: 80m(0.2mm2); 200m(0.5mm2); 300m(0.75mm2); 400m(1.0mm2)

Ⅲ. Installation and Operation:

1. Power supply installation:
2. Substation installation(如图所示):
A. Visit substation installation: 将所有分机上的一头压有RJ11的水晶插头与主机上的1-5路水晶插座一一相连。
B. Ward bed substation installation: 将所有分机上的一头压有RJ11的水晶插头与主机上的1-15路水晶插座一一相连。
Note: Non-polarized of the connecting line when installing the substations.
3. Call from visit substation to the master station and intercom with the ward bed substation:
Any call from one substation (holding on the microphone of substation), the corresponding visit substation indictor light in master station will blink in red, the LCD will display “Current talk:”, and there will be music prompt with the master station and the substation. The indicator light turns to green till you hold on the microphone of master station. If you select the switch of the visit substation, the music will stop and the indicator light will blink in red and green. At the time, the intercom between the master station and substation is available. If you select the desired switch of the corresponding ward bed substation, the corresponding indicator light will blink in green and there will be phone ring in the ward bed substation, when you hang off the phone in ward bed substation, the indicator light will turn to blink in red and green and the LCD will display the no. of the talking substation and the time (e.g.: intercom between visit substation 1 and ward bed substation 3, the LCD will display “Current talk: 1→03, time: 00”). At the time, the master station can inform the ward bed substation and hang off, the intercom between visit substation and ward bed substation is available.
4. Master station monitor and interject on the substation:
Hold on the microphone in master station, select the desired switch of interjection substation, the indicator light of the substation will be on and you can monitor the talk in the substation. Talk to the substation when you want to have an interjection. Vice versa, if you want to release the interjection function, further press the switch of the substation and hang off when the indictor light is off.

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