Master Station for 500-call Prison Intercoms (Model: HBW-500)

Function and Features:
★ 500-call HBW-500 master station can be connected with 500 substations simultaneously.
★ Easy installation: it requires ten 5-wire to connect the master station and jail substation.
★ All functions of HBT series master station.
★ Main Functions:
● Master station features the functions of detecting the defective substation, anti-electromagnetic interference and thunderstroke.
● Master station Chinese LCD and menu operation which can display the states, year, month, date and time.
● Handfree and handset operations between control house and jail.
● The voice processing technology is adopted with master station, when the substation is alarming, the master station will announce in voice, the controller will get the alarming substation no. without check of the master.
● Broadcast function with the master station with the music input port. It can power on and alarm to the substation timely.
● Alarms from multi substations can be displayed on the master station and kept the alarm state.
● Each substation can be monitored by the master station and can not be found by the substations.
● The master station can intercom with multi substation simultaneously. (Group call and All call)
● Non-stop alarm: in any states of Standby, Talk, Broadcast or Cycling monitor, the master station can receive the alarm from the substation and announce the corresponding voice prompt.
● The system features the level-2/3 management function. One level-2/3 management master station can manage 10 level-1 master station and 500 substations.
● Unlock function with the master station which can be coordinately used with the electric controlled lock to control the open and close of the jail doors.
● Alarm output port with the master station which can be connected with the alarming horns and sirens.
● Communication interface 485 with the master station.

Installation and Operation:
Ⅰ. Hardwares:
1. Master station speaker
2. Handle microphone
3. LCD
4. Power switch (POWER)
5. Broadcast/▼
6. Monitor/▲
7. Function key
8. Handfree talk key (TALK)
9. Selected floor switch
10. Selected floor indicator light 
11. Selected substation switch
12. Selected substation indicator light

Ⅱ. Technical Parameters:
供电电压:AC220±10% 、DC18V3A
静态功耗:40W (VA)
工作状态功耗:60W (VA)
音频输出功率:2W THD 10%
音频频率响应:100Hz - 10KHz
控制信号发射电平:10V - 18V
话筒输入灵敏度:-44±1dB 全向
广播状态功耗:300W [带500个分机时]
外接数据口: 232/485
Output power of master station speaker: 800mW
Master station dimension: 305x210x75mm(LxWxH)
通讯距离(每条总线接满50个分机,含广播功能): 100m(0.5mm2); 150m(0.75mm2); 200m(1.0mm2)。 用0.75mm2的线,加中继盒最大可达到2000米。

Ⅲ. Installation Operation:

1) Connecting power
Connect the DC18V transformer (included, no polarity) to +/- connectors on the rear of the master station correctly. Depress the power switch. Year, month, day and time will display on the LCD. The power is in normal working status.
2) Testing master station and substation
Testing master station: Depress the power switch on the panel of master station after connecting it to power source. The master station will start self test and test each substation one by one from No. 1 substation. Corresponding indictor light will flash one if the tested substation is in normal working status. And the indicator light will lighten and keep in bright green if otherwise. After testing all substations, the bright green indicator light will go out after five seconds. The master station will return to normal status automatically after testing.
3) Alarm and talk
Corresponding router indicator light of the master station will flash in red if a substation is calling. And calling substation number will display on the LCD, music prompt will sound and the system will broadcast calling number. You can talk to the calling substation by depressing corresponding router switch on the master station, picking up microphone and substation. (Note: Master station can talk by depressing the hands free key; Master station can listen by releasing the hands free key. Talk from master station can be heard by substations after 0.5 second by using hands free key for the first time.)
4) Monitor and circular monitor
Monitor: Depress the router switch on the panel of master station to monitor corresponding substation. Eject the router switch to cancel.
Circular monitor: Depress the monitor switch of master station in standby status for two seconds to monitor substations circularly (each substation will be monitored for five seconds). Depress the monitor switch again for two seconds to cancel circular monitor.
5) Group call, all call
Group call:
Select No.1-5 substations by picking up handset and depressing No. 1 router switch of master station for two seconds. Corresponding indicator lights will lighten in green. The master station can talk to all selected substations with handset at this time. Depress the No. 1 router switch of master station for two seconds again to cancel.
Select No.6-10 substations by picking up handset and depressing No. 6 router switch of master station for two seconds; select No.11-15 substations by picking up handset and depressing No. 11 router switch of master station for two seconds (by analogy). Follow above method to cancel.
All call:
Press the broadcast key on the master station to select all substations. The master station can talk and broadcast to all substations by picking up handset or depressing hands free key.
6) Broadcast function
Audio signal can be input from MUSIC input port on the rear of master station.
Depress the broadcast key. All router indicator lights of substations will lighten in green. The master station can broadcast or play background music at this time. “Broadcast status…” will display on the LCD of master station. Corresponding indicator light will lighten in red green if a substation is calling. And voice prompt of corresponding substation number will sound.
7) Alarm output
The connectors (ARM+, 5) on the rear of master station are alarm output port. Alarm flash light or speaker can be connected to the alarm out put port. The alarm of substation will touch off alarm flash light or speaker if corresponding router switch on the master station has not been selected.
1) Contractors or Installers have the option to preset system expiration date to ensure collection of payments.
2) Monitor can not be found by substations.
3) When powered on, if the master station can not select any substation, check each grounding wire (No. 5 wire) of each substation connected on the cable. If any grounding wire has nor been connected correctly, above malfunction will happen.

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