20-call Master Station for Prison Intercoms (Model: HBT-20)

Functions and Features:
★ HBT-20 composes a 20-call master station for jail intercom independently.
★ 20-call master station HBT-20 matched with 20-call accessorial station can compose a 40-call master station HBT-40, 60-call master station HBT-60, 80-call master station HBT-80 and 100-call master station HBT-100…180-call master station HBT-180.
★ The master station and jail substation can be connected with 4-wire. 4-wire cable is connected with decoding board (HBT-C).
★ Main Functions:
● Detect the defective substation.
● Alarms from multi jail substations can be displayed simultaneously and kept in memory.
● Broadcast function, music play to substation is available.
● Jail substation can be circularly monitored by master station.
● Mutual alarm and intercom between master station and jail substation, substations can be monitored by master station at any time.
● Multi alarms can be sent from substations to the master station simultaneously as well as the intercom (i.e.: group call and all call functions).
● Another master station (level-2 management master station) which features the same function can be connected in the master station in parallel.
● Alarm output port in the master station which can be connected with alarm sirens.
● The master station can be matched with LED displaying the no. of the alarming substations.
● Communication port 485 with the master station.

Installation and Operation:
Ⅰ. Hardwares of HBT-20 Master Station:
1. Master station speaker
2. Master station MIC
3. Power indicator light
4. Volume button (VOL.)
5. Power switch (POWER)
6. All call button of master station (CALL)
7. Intercom button of master station (TALK)
8. Indicator light of selected substation (20-call)
9. Selected substation switch (20-call)
10. Master substation port
11. Accessorial station terminal
12. Jail indicator light of accessorial station (20-call)
13. Jail switch of accessorial station (20-call)
14. Accessorial station port

Ⅱ. Technical Parameters:
Working voltage: DC18V
Max working current: 2500mA
Output power of master station speaker: 800mW
Master station dimension: 220x200x55mm(LxWxH)
Accessorial station dimension:100x200x55mm(LxWxH)
Alarm output port: DC18V 500 mA (MAX)
通讯距离(接满20个分机,含广播功能): 300m(0.5mm2); 450m(0.75mm2); 600m(1.0mm2)。 用0.75mm2的线,加中继盒最大可达到1500米。
通讯距离(主机和配机各接满20个分机,含广播功能): 300m(0.5mm2); 450m(0.75mm2); 600m(1.0mm2)。 用0.75mm2的线,加中继盒最大可达到1500米。
                      Model:HBT-20                                                           Model:HBT-20

Ⅲ. Installation Operation:

1. Power Supply Installation:
When connecting the included DC18V transformer (non-polarized) to the +/- binding post in the back of master station successfully, depress the power switch in master station. When the power indicator light is on, it means the normal state of master station power.
2. Detection on master station and substation:
Detection on master station: when it is powered on, depress the power switch in the panel of master station, the master station will have an auto detection, the corresponding indicator lights from no.1-20 call will blink in orange one by one. The light with error will not blink in orange, and other lights will be detected continually.
Detection on substation: press no.10 selected substation switch in master station and release it till there is a “Doo” voice. The monitor is available when all the substations are connected correctly. If not, the corresponding indicator light will blink in green with “Bi” prompt voice.
3. Alarm and Intercoms:
When the substation is alarming, the master station will have the music and display the alarming substation which is blinking in red. The substation will turn to green when it is selected by master station, press the Intercom key of master station to have a talk, release it to listen to the talk in substation.
4. Monitor and Circular monitor:
Monitor: Select (press) the desired substation switch in the panel of master station to monitor the substation. Eject the switch when you want to stop the monitor.
Circular monitor: In standby state of the master station, press no. 10 substation switch till the “Doo” voice appears, then you can enter the circular monitor (5 seconds each substation). Press any substation switch in master station to release the circular monitor.
5. Two methods of group call in master station:
a). Press the group call key in master station firstly (No.1, No.11 and etc. substation switches), till the corresponding indictor light turns to green, then press the intercom key in master station, and intercom between the master station and all the selected substations is available, (same intercom method as above).
b). Press several desired substation switches in master station, and press the Intercom key in master station to intercom with the selected substations.
6. All Call:
Press all the Group call key or Intercom key in master station to achieve the intercom or group call.
7. Broadcast Function:
Input the sound signal in MUSIC input port of master station:
All broadcast: Press All call key, when all the indictor lights of selected substations turn to green, the broadcast is available and all the substations are with the sound. At the time, if there is a substation alarm, the indictor light will turn to red with prompt music, if you want to have a talk with this substation, eject All call key to select the substation.
Part broadcast: Press All call key, all the indicator lights of selected substation will turn to green. If some substations are failed to broadcast, press those selected substation switches, no broadcast with the substation if the indictor light is off and other substations run normally with the broadcast function. If you want to listen to broadcast, further press the selected substation switch. If there is alarm from substation, the indicator light of the substation will turn to red with music prompt, eject All call key to select the substation for talk.
8. Alarm Output:
The connecting terminal (ARM+ and ARM-) in the back of master station is the alarm output port which can be connected with alarm sirens, or the substation alarming will be triggered if the substation switch in the master station is not selected.
Note: when the master station is powered on, if any substation in the master station is difficult or failed to select, please check each ground wires (line 4) of all substations in the corresponding bus, any bad connection with the ground wire (line 4) of substation will cause such circumstances.

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