Vandal-proof Metal Substation for Prison Intercoms of Bus System (Model: HBT-AE)

Functions and Features:
● Vandal-proof metal housing and binary system adopted to substation with crispy voice.
● Prison substation can alarm to and intercom with the master station of control room.
● Substation can be connected with external alarm button and release button (release button is used for releasing the door lamp blink, corridor display, master indicator and music, etc.).
● Record output port in substation can coordinately used with video camera for simultaneous video and voice recording.
● Substation can be used as a monitor, when the master station is monitoring the substation, it can not be found by the substation.
● Substation can be connected with door lamp and handheld sirens.
● Substation is installed in embedded way (including special installing bottom case and supporting post)
Installation and Operation
Ⅰ. Hardwares:
1. Substation speaker
2. Substation MIC
3. Substation alarm key (call)
4. Substation installing bottom case
5. Supporting post of installing bottom case

Ⅱ. Technical Parameters:
Working voltage: DC10-22V
Metal case dimension: 235×170×1mm (LxWxH)
Installing bottom case dimension: 210×150×58mm(LxWxH)
Max working voltage: 100mA
Output power of substation speaker: 800mW

Ⅲ. Installation Instructions:

1. Substation coding:
Five binary coding switches are installed in the back of the substation, it means 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 in “ON” position. E.g.: code in no. 3 substation is 1+2, switch positions of 1 and 2 are placed in On position. E.g.: code in no. 14 substation is 2+4+8, switch positions of 2, 4 and 8 are placed in On position. Code in no. 19 substation is 1+2+16, switch positions of 1, 2 and 16 are placed in On position. After the coding, the master station will confirm without restarting.
2. Connecting mode of substation:
Connect 1, 2, 3, 4 in the binding post in the back of substation to 1, 2, 3, 4 in the binding post of master station via 4-wire.
3. Debugging:
After connecting with the master station, turn on the power of master station, if the alarm indicator light in substation blinks in several seconds, it means the substation is in normal state. If not, it means the substation is out of control.
4. Recording method:
Output sound signal from the record output port REC+ and REC­- in the binding post of substation, in order to record in the substation. The substation can be used as a monitor head.
5. Connecting method of door lamp:
Connect the positive pole of line behind the door lamp to the M+ in the binding post of substation, and negative pole to COM.
6. Alarm and Intercoms of Substation:
Depress the Alarm key in the substation panel, the master station will have a music prompt, when the master station selects the substation, the intercom is available. There is a plug of handheld alarming machine in the back of substation, when the substation or handheld alarming machine alarms to the master station, the door lamp will blink.
7. Releasing Alarm:
If the substation has sent out a call and you want to release the alarm, press the external release alarm key.

2).pay attention to the correct installation of ground wire (line 4) when connecting lines with substation. Any incorrect operation to connect a ground wire (line 4) of the substation in one bus will cause that any substation in corresponding 1-20 call master station will be difficult or fail to select.
3) 所有分机出厂时,都免费配送线夹。附:线夹使用说明书

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