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Product Catalog for Burglary Alarm Kits

     Lonbon Alarm--Burglary Alarm Kit Series Features: automatic dialing, remote controlling by phone for arming/disarming, site monitoring and SOS; applicable to families, institutions and banks, etc. Our Product Display & Sales Dept. is responsible for the sales of the alarm series while the headquarters will not involve, please contact the Product Display & Sales Dept. of Shenzhen LonBon for purchasing or inquiring about these products. The following are the descriptions of the functions of different alarms:

1T-Storm Alarm Kit

Time delay/instant arming selection, time delay

   arming time selection.
Time delay/instant alarm selection, time delay alarm

   & arming selection.
Alarm whistle time selection, alarm whistle volume

Sound/unvoiced alarm selection, break detection

   function selection.
Automatic dialing function, master station disarming

   on encryption function.
Master station reset on encryption select, partial

   arming function select.
Remote control master station function, alarming

   centre online function.

2Wireless Burglary Alarm Kit ModelKX-468

24 hours monitor.
Intelligent identification of alarming condition.
Burglary calling function.
Remote phone control function.
Emergency alarm & SOS.
Emergency backup power supply.
Spot monitor.
Automatic dialing.
Memory saving ........

3Wireless Burglary Alarm Kit ModelHT-110B-1

Controlling 8 zones via microcomputer, programming

    via master station keypad, LCD .
7 groups of alarming number of telephone, mobile

   phone and pager can be saved. Who dials first, who

   alarms first.
20 seconds of automatic alarming voice, recorded

   voice can be re-played, save information free from

   power breakdown trouble.
Wireless remote control, off-site remote control

   arming and disarming by entering telephone password.
Monitor the alarming spot situation by telephone.
Telephone wire cutting protection and automatic alarm

   for short circuit function.
Two arming modes: attended/unattended.
Different tel. no. for different zone.
Access to alarm handling centre.

4Burglary Alarm Auto Dialer StationModelKX-438

24 hours monitor.
Intelligent identification for alarming condition.
Burglary calling resisting.
Remote phone control .
Emergency alarming & SOS.
Emergency backup power supply.
Spot monitoring.
Automatic dialing.
Memory saving....

5Telephone Connecting Burglary Alarm Controller (Model: SK-968C):

 4wired+8wireless zones computer controlled

   comprehensive (including burglar, fire and emergency)

   alarm system
 Having an integrated programming keypad and LCD;

   able to store 5 groups of telephone numbers.
 Transmitting via telephone cable and receiving alarms

   through fixed telephones, mobile phones or online

   alarming center.
 Compatible with SHIKE and ADEMCO Contact ID

   communication protocols.
 Arming/disarming on zone base flexibly via controller,

   keypad or telephone remote control.
 Realizing timed arming/disarming setup via the built-in

   electronic clock.
 Able to monitor serial actions through the serial action

   output of the built-in relay.
 Alarming indications upon telephone cable defaults or

   robbery occasions..

6Auto Dialer Model911

 3 optional alarm modes by trigger dialing.
 4 groups of telephone No. or mobile phone No. can

   be saved, and max. 16 digits each group.
 Recording: 20 seconds of recording duration, tel. no.

   and voice won't be lost after power breakdown.
 4-digit password used for removing the alarm or

   revising setting.
 Working voltage: DC11V-15V.
Working current150MA.
 Static current:200MA.

7Multi-Functional Infrared Alarm ModelL-1106B

 Infrared sensor alarm or doorbell function at your

Operate independently without setting, once it is

 Emergency alarm: upon emergency, push the key

   on the remote controller, the master station will alarm.
Convenient operation: only push the key on the

   remote controller to access all functions.
 Wireless remote control distance : 100m (in open

Working voltage: DC6V-9V(4 batteries or connect

    with a  power supply).
  Alarm loudness:1055dB.

8Multi-functional IR Alarm (Model: L-1062A):

  Have two function options of IR human detector

    alarming and doorbell alarming.
  Plug and play; no need of further setup.
  Detecting distance: 12 m
  Operating voltage: DC6V-9V (4-battery pack or

    external power supply).
  Alarm loudness:1055dB

9Wireless IR Intruding Detector (Model: SK-150):

  Alarming upon any robbery intrusion.
  Plug and play; no need of further setup.
  Installation method: suspended
  Detecting method: 2-D detector.
  power supply: 9V laminated batteries.
  Executive standard: EN50131-1 (Class 2).

10Touch-Sensitive Burglary AlarmModelL-1107A

 Alarm as a thief touches the lock.
Installation way: suspended.
 Alarm sound can reach to 105 db.
 9V Battery.


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