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Hospital Auto Registering Products Catalog

     LonBon Queuing—Hospital Auto Registering Machine is exclusively applicable in hospitalHospital Auto Registering Machine diagnosis division registration, which can effectively improve the service environment and working efficiency. The auto registering machine, controlled by the computer registration ticket taking software, is comprehensive in function and simple in operation with its registration flow designed according to the practical registration condition of the hospital. The registration is automatically completed for the patient without queuing. The patient comes to the auto registering machine and clicks the objective consulting room on the display, it will print a registration form within a few seconds. The previous procedure is: pay registration fee first, then see the doctor, and vice versa for now, which not only need not to repeatedly pay the fee during registration queuing, but also make the patient fully feel the quality service of the hospital. Meanwhile, great amount of statistic reports are added for reference, analysis and study of relevant departments. The product mainly includes: master station LB-81-18 and paper roll LB-81-91D. Our company has intellectual properties for the hospital diagnosis queuing system, researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing.
News report for the “Hospital auto registering machine” used in the hospital
The following are the introduction of the functions for the hospital auto registering master station and paper roll:

1、Master station (model: LB-81-18):

Functions and Features:

Include: computer registration ticket taking software,

   software for computer controlling the master station

   (for net linking), computer back-up software (for net

   linking), computer main frame, keyboard, printer, 17”

   LCD touch screen, luxury bracket and 10 paper rolls,

The whole system is controlled by the computer and

   software; it’s professionally developed, direct viewing

    in the interface, easy in the operation.
 It’s simple and convenient in system installation with

    computer and the built-in printer .
 With direct thermal line printing, it can print the

    registration form clearly with its content editable.
 There are information about the division name,

    address, patient name, gender, patient address and

    tel. No. etc on the registration form.
 It will print the registration form by touch the icon on

    the main interface of the master station.
 It can serve 20 divisions and teams simultaneously,

    the number of which also can be added or reduced

    as required.
The rolling letters under the master station display

   can be revised randomly.
The head letter in the registration form can be revised

 It will automatically save all the information for the

    whole system after power failure, and it won’t

    influence system working when power resumption.
The system will automatically reset at first powering

   on each day to re-number.
Meanwhile, great deal of statistic reports are added

   for reference, statistic, analysis and study of the

    relevant department….
The system will automatically save each statistic data

   with the statistic report directly printable.
 With two master stations online function. In online

   state, the registration form No. printed from two

   master stations is listed in subsequence of time

   without repeated No.; if one master station power

   failed, the registration form No. printed from another

   master station will remain unchanged. It also has

   online function of adding many master stations

   according to customer’s requirements.

Details about Master station

2、Paper Roll (Model:LB-81-91D):

Functions and Features:

The customized imported thermal printing paper

   (note: consumptive) is crucial for protecting the

   printer engine.
Each roll may print 500 tickets.
Specification: ¢70x80mm(DxH).



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